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29 August 2009 @ 10:54 am

"Are you gonna drive? You're not? Well, then I'm just gonna go"

SERIOUSLY. omg. I haven't hung out with anyone in forever, and it's killing my SOCIAL meter on Sims! Baaaaaa--ahhh someone HELP! So, in a week and a day, I'll be going off to college. Cool and uncool at the same time.

And now I'm basically tired ALL the time. And I always am taking naps. I better not do this in college. I want to have fun!!!

Let's take a nap now.

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26 August 2009 @ 10:16 pm
Shortest entry ever!
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21 August 2009 @ 09:01 pm
*saying while cars pass with people in them* "She looks dumb. He looks dumb. But I look like a leprachaun."

I have to write this journal entry kinda quick. But me and Jesseka hung out for I guess the last time until Geekkon. We went shopping for Hetalia outfits...she got hers...I didn't get mine cause I failed to print out a picture. But we went ALL over Madison trying to find Goodwill...that is strangely close to my house xD So, after like...going through town...we decided to stop at an auto-repair shop to ask for directions. The guy said he didn't know, but gave us directions anyways xD But we got there!!

While trying to get to the mall, a car went in front of us. I told Jesseka to flick him off and she put up her pinkies (even her angled one). I told her I flick people off with my index finger...so I did that. Apparently, the guy thought we WERE flicking him off so he flicked us off when the light turned green (coward! did you think we would slam into your car just cause you were at a stoplight? ha, 'cause we would have!) So we decided to follow him through the parking lot. HAHHAHA that will teach him!!

me: Hahahaha...he's afraid he'll get beaten up by two white girls!
Jesseka: Wait, what? (completely Asian)
me: Oh, right!

We went into Copps or Cubs or whatever the hell is by B&N. And we were in Ethnic foods...and Jesseka was trying to find some Austrian food. There were signs for Hispanic, Asian and Italian foods...so I shouted "WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! A SIGN THAT SAYS 'AUSTRIAN'?!" and I guess these Asian guys whipped around in shock. I can be obnoxious.

Austria's glasses are nerdy.

Canadians drink a lot. "I thought they did brooms"
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"I'm not concentrating! I'm thinking of pizza!"

So, today I hung out with Chell Bells, but I'll get to that shortly. First, I must discuss about something very dear to my heart. There is a commercial that plays whenever I watch the Maury show. It is for a product called Lipozene. Now, they claim that if you take this pill, you do not have to change your daily life. So, exercise and eating healthy are only advised, not required or necessary. This gets me thinking, “why, this must be different than the rest of those diet pills! It must be a pill that releases a small, little monster in your body to eat away the fat.” Was I right? Well, the advised pregnant women to not take Lipozene..the monster might eat the baby! They show that the fat just all of a sudden disappears! It is eaten by the monster…which when your 30 day free trial ends, it dies. You will have a dead monster filled of your fat inside your body. But if you call within the next 10 minutes, they send you another box with another monster! Two monsters at the same time? Crazy!


Now that my advertisement job is done, I’ll talk about my day with Chelly. So, I went over there and we played this car racing game. I don’t like car racing, so of course I was losing. Lame. But then we did the fighting game…that was funner. I won a lot. Especially during SUDDEN DEATH. Hahahahaha…Tina Ballerina ftw!! It’s a lot harder playing with a Wii remote than my PS2 one. So, after that, we walked to Woodman’s and took amazing pictures of us with food!! Then we bumped into Aarushi and were all nostalgic-to-be for college is coming up. Theeen…we went back to her house and STORM CLOUDS were following us. We got sprinkled on. Chelly thought like, someone spit in her eye or something. xD When we got back we tried to watch Steve Wilkos, but she doesn’t have the channel! LAME! So, we bothered her brother some more to get him to set up Guitar Hero. I’m not very good at it. My highest was 76%. That’s when I found out my secret power was to shout “YES!” whenever I was suppose to do something. There was one time I was sucking badly and Chelly was doing well…so I grabbed her guitar stick thing where the buttons are and pressed a lot of buttons. HAHAHAH RUINED STREAK! >=o) Then we went downstairs and played go-fish while waiting for pizza. Then we had pizza. Her cookies are good btw. Good thing she got high and had the munchies xD Then we went downstairs and watched some Hetalia-related things on Youtube and some funny vids. Then we watched NewsRadio cause I love NewsRadio. Then I came home. Then, this one time, at band camp…


-Well, we can cross THAT street right now.

-But, we’ll just have to cross it again…

-The light indicates we can cross it! Be more positive!

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18 August 2009 @ 09:19 pm
..."Good thing I don't have anything in the toilet..."

Guess what? I am on my laptop right now!! I'm SO glad it has internet, you dun even know!! OMG freak out!! Plus I got Simpson Season 12 on DVD...life can totally not get any better!! So I also have skype now...my username is "morepasta" xD Too obsessed.

So, I'm totally psyched 'cause on Thursday I get to hang out at Chelly's house for the FIRST time...jeez, about time. I get to eat her cookies, play her Wii, and pet her dog who hopefully won't throw up on me. Gross. xP

And then Friday I get to go to a swimming party!! Alright!! I REALLy need to swim and show off my new swim suit!!

Well, I'm gonna play around with Ci-Ci, so I'll write on a later date.

I guess it's best that THAT did NOT explode in my mouth...
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